source The Canadian Press title Former girlfriend says she’s suing her former partner for $1.2M after he says she “faked” her relationship with him article source Associated Press article New York (AP) — A Canadian woman who says she was tricked by her ex-boyfriend into believing she was being sexually abused by her former girlfriend has sued him for damages, saying he abused her in his sleep and made her suffer “significant psychological damage.”

The woman, who requested anonymity because she feared retribution from her ex, filed a lawsuit Friday in the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn accusing his lawyer of “intentionally misleading” her.

The lawsuit also names the former boyfriend as a defendant.

The lawsuit says the man told the woman in 2014 that he had been assaulted by her, that he’d been raped by her and that she’d been beaten.

The woman said she was later diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety.

In court filings, her lawyer, Michael Lacy, said the man’s alleged actions had harmed the woman’s mental health and her ability to get a job.

Lacy said his client suffered “significant emotional trauma” and that he was “truly remorseful.”

The suit claims that the man had used a lie detector test to verify the woman was not the person he claimed to be.

It also claims the man “intentionally misled” her into believing the relationship was over.

The suit says the couple divorced in 2014 and have since been separated.

The New York City-based lawyer for the man, Michael H. Coughlin, said in an interview that his client “has never been in a relationship where a woman was so abused and mistreated by her partner.”

The lawsuit also says that when she filed for divorce, the woman “made numerous attempts to contact the man” but said she “did not receive a response.”

The couple has not yet returned phone calls from The Associated Press.