A new film from Hollywood is taking a dark turn in its title. 

The new film,  Darkest Hour, stars Robert Pattinson as a man who is forced to confront his own demons in the middle of a mass shooting in a suburb of Los Angeles. 

“Darkest hour is a dark, twisted, and often tragic film about a man whose family is massacred by an ex-con and then he finds himself fighting the forces of evil that have brought him to this place,” director Justin Kurzel told Deadline. 

Darkness in the air is the name of the film, but it is actually a title of an upcoming film called Lovers in Love. 

Loves in Love is a horror movie set in the fictional city of Los Santos in California. 

Director Justin Kurze said the film was inspired by the death of two people in a Los Angeles church shooting. 

One victim was killed by a gunman who opened fire on the church on Sunday, May 20, 2017. 

Kurze said in the film’s title, “It’s a tragedy that is too small to be a horror.”

“We have to have a sense of urgency, of fear, of dread, and it’s important that there is a sense that you’re not alone,” Kurzel said. 

 The film’s story centers around a man named Johnny, who is a veteran of the LAPD. 

He becomes embroiled in a high-speed chase with the FBI, who are looking for a fugitive in his own home, but he has to face the consequences of his actions. 

During the chase, he is kidnapped and held hostage by the LAPD’s SWAT team. 

But after Johnny escapes, the team finds him and a gang of criminals, including an ex, who demand money and help to take down Johnny. 

It turns out that the FBI has already found the fugitive and is threatening to kill him. 

When the fugitive tells Johnny about the FBI’s plan, Johnny is shocked by what he has heard and tells them he is not responsible for what happened. 

A group of LAPD officers, including a cop named Joe, are dispatched to help Johnny and his team.

The two fight against the agents, who are trying to take Johnny down, until Johnny saves them. 

While he is saved, Johnny is then kidnapped by the ex. 

After Johnny rescues the hostages, the FBI sends a team of cops to retrieve Johnny. 

However, they are attacked by the fugitive and the team is captured by the FBI. 

Joe is the only cop left alive in the police force, but he gets caught in the shootout with the fugitives. 

Once Joe is captured, he is forced to make the difficult decision to go to prison for killing Johnny and saving the officers. 

As the movie begins, police officer Jack Kerr is assigned to investigate the case. 

Jack, who gets to know Jack and the other police officers from the New York Police Department, has a tough decision to make as he has a connection to Johnny that he will have to face. 

And as Jack’s life hangs in the balance, his relationship with Johnny gets tested when he meets his wife Emily who is a police officer. 

Emily, whom Jack met in his last police officer training in New York, also was captivated by Jack. 

She helps Jack with his training and he’s put on a battalion of lone wolves as he takes to the field. 

Although Jack is ready to fight, in his first battle with Emily and with the help of his new lover Johnny has a new sense of anger. There is a message in the movie that we must take back the world and keep it together. 

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