Why the Hollywood Reporter is going away, and why it matters

In its place: The Hollywood Reporter, which has been around since 1984 and has had a strong presence in the world of Hollywood journalism for decades.It’s an essential part of any serious Hollywood journalist’s existence.I recently learned that the Hollywood reporter is coming to an end, and that the paper’s last issue will be released […]

What you need to know about the upcoming Xbox One S review

The upcoming Xbox 1S is the best-looking console to date, but there’s a catch.You need a special adapter to get it to work.Read moreEngadget’s The Xbox One X Review covers everything you need know about this new console from the outside.We’re launching the Xbox One at 12:01am EST today and Microsoft will give a full […]

When Turkey’s government blocks Twitter and Facebook: Turkey’s media outlet quotes a Turkish journalist

Turkey’s news media has largely been silent over the arrest of several prominent Turkish journalists over their social media activities, but Turkey’s state-run news agency has published some of their tweets in the past few days.The tweets, published in English by the agency’s English-language English-edition newspaper Dicle, have included an image of a journalist holding […]

How to get the most out of a digital TV subscription

People often talk about Netflix as if it were a brand.And with its digital offerings, it is.But there are other ways to watch your favorite shows and movies.Here are 10 ways to get your favorite programming to your living room or to your TV. 1.Use Netflix’s free streaming service, which includes live TV, movies and […]

Which of the following is the best K-pop albums of 2007?

The most popular K-Pop albums of the year were K-Drama and Love Is Love, with K-drama being the top seller.The other albums of 2006 included K-Solo, The Love Within, and Supernova.In 2007, K-music continued to dominate the charts with a total of 6 million units sold in North America and 8.8 million in Europe.It was […]

Why AT&T is paying dolphin entertainment journalist, who made controversial video about dolphins

AT&t has paid $20,000 to a journalist who wrote a controversial video that was published on social media and was later removed from the company’s YouTube channel.The article was written by Matt Kessel, who worked for AT&ts YouTube channel, which is also owned by Verizon.The video sparked outrage on social networks, and the company eventually […]

How to watch ‘Titanic’ in Bangkok, Malaysia

THAILAND/KUALA LUMPUR, Thailand — How to watch “Titanics” in Bangkok?This is what I was told when I landed at Bangkok International Airport this morning: It’s a very small city.So you might not even know what’s going on in there.I arrived in the capital city and the first thing I noticed was the traffic.A lot of […]

How to spot a scammer and his entourage at the Oscars

A man posing as a doctor and asking for money to treat an injury that he claims to have caused at the Golden Globes in Hollywood, California, was arrested by police Friday after the man posted videos to social media showing himself at the ceremony dressed in a blue suit and a red wig.Police arrested […]

When does a conservative entertainment show make you want to cry?

I’ve never heard of a conservative show that made me cry like this.It was just so good.Like, I mean, I’m sure it was a little bit of a shock.The last time I was on a TV show was in 2011.I didn’t think anything of it at the time.I just thought it was the right show.It […]

How to watch Chinese music videos online from Apple’s iTunes app

You can watch music videos from Apple Music in iOS 9 using a number of apps including the iHeartRadio app, the Pandora app, and the iTunes Radio app.However, if you want to watch music from your iTunes account on the Apple TV, you’ll need to subscribe to the Apple Music TV service.There are a few […]

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