on April 15, 2017 in which the author says that Chinese film maker Wang Xiaoming is “still alive” after being arrested by police.

According to The Next, Wang was detained at a hotel in the southwestern city of Guizhou, after authorities received a tip that he had been planning to visit the United States.

He had been accused of organizing a film festival and a film exhibition in the United Kingdom in March and April 2017.

According a translation by The Next News, Wang’s lawyer, Li Dongyan, told reporters that Wang is currently under arrest in Guizhu.

He was arrested in March on charges of illegally entering China.

According, Wang has been charged with one count of “participating in the activities of a foreign entity” and one count “participation in the illegal activities of foreign entities.”

He was later released on bail.

On March 25, Wang, who is from Guizhong province, was accused of illegally crossing the border into the United State and engaging in activities “related to the dissemination of propaganda against the state and the national economy.”

He has been accused with three counts of “defamation of China.”

The Next also reported that Wang’s arrest was based on a complaint by Wang’s former boyfriend, Guo Haozheng, who said that Wang was planning to travel to the United Nations and meet with world leaders.

In March 2017, Wang and Hao were arrested at a border checkpoint in the northern city of Chongqing after they crossed the border illegally.

On April 16, 2017, the newspaper reported that authorities in the city of Shenzhen had charged Wang with “participat[ing] in a public disturbance,” and he was also accused of violating Chinese law against inciting a public disorder.