Hollywood stars and actors can now find some of their favorite movies online and watch them on-demand in HD on the same day.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Studios are partnering with Hulu to launch a new streaming service called Hollywood Movies Unlimited, which will offer new content from all the major studios and stars.

Hulu is expected to begin offering the service in the coming months.

The service will offer movies with titles such as “The Great Wall,” “The King’s Speech,” “American Hustle,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and more.

“We’re bringing movies from all of the major Hollywood studios together on one platform,” Hulu co-founder and CEO Michael Cheatham told The Hollywood Press on Tuesday.

The streaming service will be a bit different from Hulu Plus, which offers the same content as a Hulu Plus subscription.

“It’s not going to be a one-stop shop, but it’s going to provide a different experience for the vast majority of people who are not part of Hulu Plus,” Cheatham said.

“You’re going to have movies from Universal, Sony, and Universal will be coming to Hulu Plus and vice versa.

It’s a big difference.”

Hulu’s streaming service has some major differences from Hulu’s subscription service, which Hulu recently announced was going to go live this month.

Hulu Plus is a paid service that requires subscribers to subscribe to a certain amount of channels in order to watch content.

Hulu’s service is free to sign up for.

The new streaming offering will allow users to search for movies on their devices and then watch the movies on-the-go.

Hulu said it will begin offering new movies on the service this week, though the company has not announced a release date yet.

The Hulu streaming service is expected for launch sometime this fall.

“Hulu Movies Unlimited will be the ultimate home for the most beloved movies of all time,” said Eric Barone, the chief executive of Hulu, in a statement.

“Our movies will always be available and our audiences will always have access to the content they love.”

Cheatham added: “Hollywood stars and artists are more than just movie stars; they’re icons of creativity, humor, and innovation, and they deserve a place on Hulu.

They deserve to watch their work on-screen and be able to enjoy it without any subscription fee.”