The perfect event planner is just about the only thing you can do to make your event a success.

But the process is one that can take months, and it’s an arduous process for all involved.

We spoke with event planner Andrew Giese about what to expect, and what you should expect if you’re thinking about booking a venue or event in your town.

What are some of the most important tips for planning your event?

Andrew: When you’re planning an event, I think it’s important to ask yourself the following questions: What is the event really about?

Is it a gathering of friends and family?

Or a large gathering with multiple people?

Can I create a social dynamic that is both positive and engaging?

Are there people in attendance?

Is the event open to the public?

Is there a designated driver?

Are we talking about a wedding?

Are you taking advantage of the area?

Are the hosts prepared for guests?

If I have a group of friends, will I want them to be present at the event?

Are they ready to attend?

If so, how?

Are all the parties and vendors on-site?

Are any of the guests on-hand?

Will they be able to attend without a group?

Is any of them in their hotel room?

How many guests are there?

Is everyone comfortable in their own space?

Is all the party space available?

Will I have any guests in their rooms?

Are I able to accommodate any guests who don’t have room for a party?

Is everybody wearing their wedding band?

Are guests wearing the same attire?

Is a wedding ring on each hand?

Are decorations on site?

If you’re booking a wedding, is everyone wearing matching bridal wear?

If not, what can I do to ensure everyone is wearing their own?

How long are the guests supposed to stay?

If there are more than 10 guests, how many guests will be able and willing to stay for the entire duration of the event, or will they need to be relocated once the event is over?

Is seating in the event a concern?

If seating is limited, how do I decide what type of seating will best serve my event?

If no seating is available, is there any other type of gathering you can choose to create?

Is that type of event appropriate for my community?

Can my guests share their experience and bring their friends with them?

Is anyone under 18 allowed to attend, and if so, are they able to be on-location?

Is someone in the family allowed to participate in the wedding?

If someone is not attending the event and they need their parents or guardians to attend with them, is it acceptable for them to do so?

Will guests be allowed to bring their own food and beverages?

Is food provided for all guests?

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

How can I ensure my event is appropriate for guests and guests’ families?

What kind of food should be served?

Are snacks provided for everyone?

Are children allowed to drink?

If guests are staying overnight, will guests be able or willing to take them with them to the venue?

What type of music can be played?

Is music appropriate for the event environment?

Are music venues appropriate for a wedding or event?

Can you recommend a suitable music venue?

Will children be able enter the venue and play?

Can people take photos of themselves during the event or with the music?

Will people bring food to the event with them and have it ready for the guests?

Are attendees allowed to buy or eat at the venue before, during and after the event.

Are they allowed to be accompanied by someone?

Are visitors allowed to stay in the venue while they are there.

Are there snacks and drinks available at the hotel?

Are people allowed to enter the hotel to pick up their belongings and leave?

Are everyone in the hotel room on-deck for the duration of your event, whether or not guests are in their suites?

Are your guests comfortable?

Will the hotel provide showers and other amenities to everyone?

Will there be any food or beverage available to eat or drink while guests are away?

If a guest is staying overnight and they do not want their guests to stay at the facility overnight, what type and where is the hotel supposed to prepare their food and drinks?

Are pets allowed to remain with guests?

What will happen if guests decide to stay with their pets?

Are animals allowed to use the venue or guests’ suites?

Will pet owners have access to the property?

Can pets roam the property during the night?

Is pet ownership required for guests to be at the property at all times?

Are pet owners allowed to keep their pets in the property, or is there a pet area?

Will pets be allowed outside of the property while guests stay?

Are dogs allowed in the guest area of the hotel during the day?

Will dogs be allowed at the site of a wedding reception, or in the parking lot?

Will a dog be allowed inside the property