There are plenty of smart phone apps for getting the news, but what about the sport you’re watching?

The Sports app on Apple’s iOS and Android devices has been around for a while now, but its version for the Apple Watch is now in its third version, and it has a few new features.

Here are some of the highlights.

The app has been updated to bring it up to date with the latest information and stats.

The Sports section lets you search for specific sports, like football, basketball and soccer, and you can search for other sports by sport category.

If you’re in a stadium and you want to know how many people are in the stadium, you can add a note and then just hit the “Show Notes” button.

The section is also now organized in two sections: sports and events.

The sports section is a searchable database of all the most recent games played in a particular sport.

You can also sort the list by a number of different criteria.

For example, if you’re interested in the best scoring line in a game, you’ll see which team scored the most points and the number of goals scored.

You’ll also see which teams are ranked as the best in a certain category.

You also get a quick summary of the most-watched sporting event in the area, and a brief summary of a team’s record in the league.

If the sport that you’re looking for has already been covered in another app, the Sports section will tell you.

If it doesn’t, you will get an error message.

It’s a great feature, especially since it’s not in every app.

There are also a couple of new sections, including one called Sports Ratings.

It will let you quickly compare the stats of various sports teams.

In addition to that, you get access to stats for individual players and a list of players who have scored the highest goals or assists.

The new stats section is very useful.

You’re able to get a more granular view of a player’s performance in a given sport, and that information will help you understand how good that player is.

The team rankings are another interesting feature.

The rankings feature gives you a quick overview of a group of players that play the same position, or the team in which they play.

You may be interested to know that there are no ratings for the New York Islanders, because they’re a different team.

If a player is ranked higher than another player on the team, that player will be listed as “Top”.

The team is then given the lowest score in a single category, based on that player’s total number of points and assists.

That means that a player that is playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning, for example, is rated lower than a player who is playing with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

If your team’s in the playoffs, you may be surprised at the rankings of the top scorers on that team.

For the other teams, the rankings show how many goals and assists they have scored and how many points they have allowed.

The stats section also lets you compare different teams’ records.

The NHL is a great example.

The Flyers are the top scoring team in the NHL, but they’re in the bottom five in their division.

The Washington Capitals are the second-best team in this division, but their record is a record of 8-6-1.

If that team wins the Stanley Cup, the Capitals would be ranked at No. 4, just behind the Islanders, who are No. 7.

The Caps and Islanders also play each other in the second round.

If they win that series, the Caps would be in the final playoff spot, but the Islanders would be No. 5.

You get the idea.

The statistics section has been a big part of the Sports app for years, and there are plenty more features that are still being added.

If this app is any indication, Sports Ratings is a big step in the right direction.

For now, the sports section will be available only on the Apple watch.

It might not be the best way to watch a game or read an article, but at least you’ll have more info to analyze, as the app will now have a detailed section for that.