Auckland’s big entertainment festivals like the Auckland Summerfest, the South Coast Sound Festival and the Southland Sound Festival have all been hit by huge declines in attendance and money.

What they all lack in prestige, they make up for in scale, and that’s exactly what the Auckland summerfest did well this year, but this time around it was not able to stay afloat with a big-name star like Lorde on hand to promote its event. 

While the annual festival is expected to be a big draw, the festival was in trouble financially for a number of reasons, including a massive increase in the cost of renting out space.

“We had a very, very low capacity,” Auckland Summer Festival organiser Dave Pritchard said.

The money that we had was from the Auckland community. “

We’ve done quite well with that but it was difficult to raise the money for a venue and for the hotel and everything else.”

The money that we had was from the Auckland community.

I think we had about $2.5m from the community that we raised and we didn’t get enough to put it on.

“Mr Pritcher said the festival had a good turnout but the venue and staff were not getting enough support from the local community to keep it going.

He said the costs of renting the space and staffing was the biggest challenge, with some venues not being able to afford to keep the space open, and he was not sure whether or not the festival could get the support from local businesses.

Auckland Summerfest organiser, Dave Pritch, said the organisers had had to look at ways of raising more money to keep a running festival.

We’ve had to take on more staff, more space, and so on, he said.

We’re looking at a bigger, better venue, and we’re working hard on getting it done.

It was also hard to get the festival to pay the bills.

The festival, which is in its seventh year, raised almost $6m last year, with its annual budget coming in at about $600,000.

This year, Mr Pritchers said it was on track to get another $1.2m, and was hoping to raise another $2m in the next 12 months.

Mr Pritch said the biggest thing to keep in mind was that while the festival has a lot of great acts this year like Lordes, it had not had any major stars come on board for the past few years.

There’s been a lack of diversity, he explained.

With Lady Gaga coming to town in April, he was hoping that Lady Gaga would bring some new talent and create a new buzz.

But with no Lorde, Mr Meehan said it would not have been the same without Lorde.

I hope we can be a bit more diverse in our selection, he added.

Despite the financial difficulties, Mr Sargent said the events that were coming up were doing well.

They were very, few people and that was good for the community, he told Radio New Zealand.

One of the big draws of the event was Lorde being on the bill, and Ms Fung said the local artists had also been able to benefit.”

She really made it a great experience,” Ms Fong said.”

We were just thrilled to see her come on.