Is “Kong: Skull Island” the best game of 2017?

Is “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” the game of the year?Is “Doom” the first title to get the best reviews?We’ve put together the best gaming news of the week, and we’re counting down the top five games of the 2017-18 calendar year.First things first: This list is not meant to be comprehensive.It’s not a comprehensive list of […]

What’s next for Apple Music?

A few months ago, Apple Music was in a bit of a mess, struggling to stay afloat after Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly said he’d been forced to sell the company.Cook’s statements about the platform and the acquisition of Rdio, which is a competitor to Apple Music, sparked a massive backlash.With Cook now claiming that […]

What do you know about The Simpsons?

Posted February 04, 2019 05:12:31 It’s been a long time coming, but now the long-running television show about the Simpson family is coming back to the big screen.The Simpsons, which was revived in 2005 by Matt Groening, is currently airing its first two seasons on Cartoon Network.The show stars Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson […]

Which celebrity has had the biggest impact on their careers?

By Simon HopperThere are many things that a star can’t control, like how many kids they have, the type of music they listen to or the type that they play.But what’s most important is that you know who has had an impact on your career and what you can expect to hear in the years […]

Serie A: Roma v Fiorentina: Venue set for 2018 fixture

Italia 1 – Roma v FC Fiorena: Venues set for Saturday evening, Saturday, October 2, 2018 (kick-off 10.30pm)Venue: Stadio San Siro (Milan)

Sonar Entertainment: ‘We’ll do everything in our power to make sure it happens’

On a warm Saturday morning in mid-April, a group of six people are on a quiet street near the Chinese Consulate in Mumbai.They are the founders of Sonar.They’ve set up a private studio, and have been busy.“We’re looking at this with a huge amount of passion,” says Gavit Agarwal, co-founder of Sonars, who is also […]

What happens when a former porn star decides to become a porn star?

After leaving the porn industry, Jennifer Lopez decided to get her porn star dreams on.After meeting a porn performer, Lopez decided it was time to become one, too.And so, she started Hustler, a porn website that has since been bought by Vivid Entertainment, a company that is the parent company of Hustler.It’s been around for […]

‘Hollywood is not in the business of making movies’: The Oscars host says ‘the Oscars are not in Hollywood’

AUSTIN, Texas – The Oscars are in a different league, but Hollywood isn’t the only entertainment venue to get nervous about the upcoming ceremony.ABC News’ John Santucci and The Associated Press asked the stars of Hollywood to describe what makes the Oscars so special.Read More: Oscars to host live event for first time since 2013 […]

How to get an autograph from an old school fan

Posted July 14, 2018 10:38:18When you’re a fan of the National Basketball Association, you’ll get a lot of autographs.But how do you find a one-time-only fan?In an attempt to find fans, the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks were among the first to sign off on the idea of signing autographs during the 2017 NBA […]

When Will We See This Happening? (National Geographic)

The first of several “Star Wars” films is set to hit theaters in 2019, with a release date for The Last Jedi still unknown.The film’s first trailer showed a hologram of a woman dressed in dark, stormtrooper armor who, in a statement, stated, “There is no light side.”The Last Jedi, the first in a trilogy […]

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