The film will feature footage of Bali’s Bali Beach and features a glimpse of the world’s first-ever live video camera. has confirmed that the film will be released on September 15.

A Facebook post by the company explains the movie is set in the same world as the popular video game Battlefield 1 and it will feature a wide range of characters including soldiers, police, journalists, and tourists.

Read more: Bali beach: A new video game?, which owns the Bali film, has previously released trailers for other games including Destiny 2, Battlefield 1, and a Star Wars themed film.

New film: A look at Bali with the first live video cameras in the, the company behind the film, says the film has a wide selection of character options and will be available for free to all viewers, with no purchase required.

The video will feature scenes of Balu’s beach from the movie’s opening moments and will have a look at how the first cameras were developed and how it’s been used.

The video will be a mix of new footage and previously filmed footage, with some of the footage featuring characters who have not yet been featured in the film., which was founded by actor Mark Duplass, has released a new trailer for the film that shows the setting and characters of the film in a more immersive and believable way. contacted to ask if the company would be releasing a film of Balaam Beach in the future.

A spokesperson for News.

Net told us: “We are excited to finally be able to share the incredible Bali and the story behind it with our community and the world.”