The Christian Entertainment News (CEN) is one of the biggest names in the Australian music industry, having released five albums and two singles since its inception in 2010.

Its latest release, The Story of Our Lives, was released on Tuesday, November 3rd, and is a compilation of a wide variety of stories about the lives of people across Australia.

The story of our lives is one that resonates with a broad spectrum of Australian audiences, with its inclusion of stories from diverse backgrounds and different cultural perspectives, as well as touching on issues of religion, faith, and morality.

The Story Of Our Lives was co-produced by CEN’s CEO, Tony Lee and features guest appearances from Mark Coker (Nuclear Blast), James Frawley (Pleasure Island), John Rydstrom (The Dummy), Matt Smith (Brick), and the likes of Peter O’Toole (The Gospel of Luke), Pauline Hanson (The Truth About The Holocaust), and Nicky Campbell (Mansfield Park).

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