Which Netflix shows are the best for the holidays?

Posted October 24, 2018 03:24:13Netflix announced the release of its first year of originals on Thursday, and the company is making some changes to the way it presents its content.Netflix is changing the way its original shows are presented on the service, allowing for a more curated experience for fans to discover new shows and […]

When I watch “American Idol,” it’s not just for the “cool” factor. It’s a reflection of the “authentic” America that’s on the air and on TV now.

“American Hero” premiered last night on the ABC Television Network, and its premiere was a huge success for the network. As we wrote yesterday, “American Heroes” is an anthology series about four men from different walks of life trying to be successful in the corporate world. The series follows the members of the show as they try […]

Watch the Latest from the National Guard Parade in Vichy

Posted November 02, 2018 07:09:46 After the parade, the soldiers are on their way back to their base.As the jeeps pull into their base, a woman in a white dress is pulled in front of them.The jeep’s horn is raised, signaling the start of the parade.Soldiers from across the country line up to participate.The National […]

‘The Great Migration’: Why Turkey is the ‘Great Migration’

Turkey has the highest birth rate of any European country, and its population is growing faster than anywhere else in the world.But the country is also seeing an exodus of migrants to other European countries.Turkey’s population is now about 30% smaller than in 2007, according to the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank that […]

The Last of Us 3 trailer: The story behind Joel and Ellie’s love story

Joel and Emmett return in The Last Of Us 3, which is out on May 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.Joel and the rest of his family will finally get to see the last of their mother and father after years of being absent.

How to tell if your local news station is being biased against you

This article is for general information purposes only.You are encouraged to seek medical advice if you or anyone you know is affected.The content is not intended to replace a professional medical opinion and should be treated as such.Always seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication.The news outlet is not responsible […]

How to avoid spoilers in Asian entertainment news

Asian entertainment is filled with tons of plot twists, but some people still avoid spoilers.One of those people is me.You know, the kind of person who is willing to trust the information I’m putting out there on the internet.So let me start with what we know so far.What we know So far: We know the […]

Chinese entertainment news site The Next Media publishes an

on April 15, 2017 in which the author says that Chinese film maker Wang Xiaoming is “still alive” after being arrested by police.According to The Next, Wang was detained at a hotel in the southwestern city of Guizhou, after authorities received a tip that he had been planning to visit the United States.He had been […]

Which are the most popular video game franchises in India?

The Hill | The Hill| The Hill 1 hr ago | Video game titles in India that are trending and on sale in 2018.video game titles | video games | games | entertainment | entertainment news | entertainment business | business news | business business news video game | video game news | video gaming […]

How to get the best local news on your mobile device

More than a decade ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) launched its digital video news service.In 2017, it’s become the most watched TV news service in Canada.And, according to the latest numbers from Statista, the digital platform remains the most popular way to watch news and information online, with more than a billion people viewing […]

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