On a warm Saturday morning in mid-April, a group of six people are on a quiet street near the Chinese Consulate in Mumbai.

They are the founders of Sonar.

They’ve set up a private studio, and have been busy.

“We’re looking at this with a huge amount of passion,” says Gavit Agarwal, co-founder of Sonars, who is also an editor at TechCrunch India.

“Our passion is about making the world a better place, and creating something great to watch on a big screen.”

It is an idea that’s inspired the company from the start.

In 2014, Agarwall was at a conference when a group from the tech world came to Mumbai to discuss the future of entertainment.

They were there to discuss a potential acquisition of a global company by an American company.

“They had a big list of potential acquisitions and wanted to talk about it,” says Agarwals brother, Amit.

“So we sat down and started to brainstorm.”

The two realised that they had a shared vision for the future, and were inspired by the vision of their parents who were also fans of film.

“The idea of this is to bring this vision into the entertainment industry and hopefully we can inspire others to do the same,” says Amit Agarwar.

Sonar is one of several new companies being created in India to push the limits of what can be done with video.

“For us, it’s a dream, it is our passion, it has been our dream for 20 years,” says Rahul Thakur, Sonar’s founder and managing director.

Sonars co-founders Gavital Agarwa and Amit Agarsh are the creative forces behind Sonar, and its founder, Amit Agarmwal.

Agarwas a filmmaker in his 20s when he first met his brother, and they have a love for cinema.

They met through friends, and met their first colleague at an event for film students in Mumbai, who introduced them to film.

They have since made the decision to start their own company to help make the cinema industry more accessible.

“It was a real opportunity to meet other people who are also interested in cinema, and share the same passion,” Amit Agarnwal says.

The brothers want to create a platform where they can create content for the world’s most important platforms.

“If we can create a place where people can share this kind of content, then we can also inspire others,” he says.

Sonaram Entertainment’s first film, “Dawn,” is the company’s first feature-length film.

It was shot in Mumbai in 2017, and was shot on location in a former cinema in Mumbai’s south.

The film, which was shot with a special effects team, was released to international acclaim and garnered global awards, including Best Picture.

“I have always wanted to do this,” says the brother.

“But I think the big challenge has been finding the right people to work with.

We have to be honest about that.

The fact that we have achieved so much with it is a testament to our passion.” “

That is why we are very excited about this film.

The fact that we have achieved so much with it is a testament to our passion.”

“Dusk” is one the most ambitious films they have made to date, with a production budget of over $1 million, according to Agarws brother.

It stars an actor from India’s film industry and stars a leading female actor from Mumbai, with whom they collaborated on “Dance with the Stars.”

“We have been trying to make this film in a way that it’s going to be the first feature length film for the industry,” says Sonar co-director Rahul Tharav, adding that the production was not cheap.

The films are going to open a whole new channel for India. “

What we have done here is a project that will help the industry as a whole.

The films are going to open a whole new channel for India.

This film will be a big hit in the country.”

The film’s director, Rajesh Chaturvedi, is the youngest person to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

“There is an element of shock here,” says Chaturve.

“People are going into the theatre because they want to watch the films, and not because they are watching movies. “

Sonar is very focused on making a lot of films, but we are not only making movies,” he adds.

The idea for “Dawood” was born when the brothers were at the end of their final year”

When you look at the world today, and there are a lot more people doing music videos and videos on social media, it will become harder to make a film in this world.”

The idea for “Dawood” was born when the brothers were at the end of their final year