A controversial and controversial conservative pundit who was recently fired from his Fox News show was suspended from his job Thursday after a video of him talking about his disdain for Black people went viral.

The video, posted Thursday, showed conservative commentator Charles C.W. Cooke saying in the video clip that African Americans are more likely to commit crime and that they’re “just living in a different era.”

In the video, Cooke describes a black man, who he claims is in the United States illegally, as a “slacker” and says that the “white community” is not “taking care of black people.”

He then claims that a black family is “running out of diapers” and that Black people are “living in a country that doesn’t care about them.”

He also says that “Black people” are not “responsible for the problems that are being caused by white people,” saying that there are a lot of “good” white people that “want to get rich.”

The video garnered more than 100,000 views on YouTube on Thursday, with many viewers expressing outrage at Cooke for his comments.

“I think he’s a bigot.

I think he hates everybody,” one viewer said in the comments section of a video uploaded by Fox News.

“It’s a racist comment.

It’s a hate crime.”

The man who posted the video said he posted the clip to highlight the recent rise of anti-black sentiment in America.

“The white community has lost its moral compass,” he said.

“I just want the white community to get out of their white bubble and get out there and do something about the black people in this country.”

“I’m going to tell you something that I think is absolutely outrageous.

There are a whole bunch of good white people out there that want to get wealthy and they want to live in the White House,” he added.

“That’s not how America works.

It doesn’t work like that.

I mean, look, the Black man that’s on top of the hill is the one that’s going to do the hard thing, because he’s the one who’s got the muscle.

He’s the guy that’s got that strength.

He can do it.”

In a statement released Thursday evening, Fox News said the network was investigating the incident and that Cooke would no longer be hosting Fox News Channel.

“We are aware of the comments made by the former host of Fox News’ The Charles Cooke Show and take them seriously,” the statement said.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Cooke said he has been suspended from Fox News because of the video.

He said the comments were “absolutely stupid” and apologized to the audience.

“It’s not funny.

It is just wrong,” he told the Post.

“And that’s what we are going to have to get through this with and that’s why we’re going to be suspended.

We are going be suspended for this.

We can’t let this continue.”

Fox News has defended Cooke in the past, saying he was fired because of his inflammatory views on race.

In a 2012 interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Cooke compared black people to rats, calling them “rats that can’t move because they’re so small.”

“They’re not human,” Cooke said.