Posted November 02, 2018 07:09:46 After the parade, the soldiers are on their way back to their base.

As the jeeps pull into their base, a woman in a white dress is pulled in front of them.

The jeep’s horn is raised, signaling the start of the parade.

Soldiers from across the country line up to participate.

The National Guard has been in the area since the end of May.

They are the backbone of the French resistance in the Saigon War, and they are the first to return to their country after the French leave.

Soldiers are lined up in the crowd, waving flags, waving French and Vietnamese flags.

There are several women in the parade along with two soldiers.

This is the first time the National Guards has returned to their former home in Vang Vieng, where they fought in the 1970s and 80s.

It was one of the last times they were able to return.

Soldiers in the National Assembly (NA) and the National Defense Committee (NDCC) of the country are among those participating in the event.

“Today’s parade will bring out the best of our troops,” says General Valery Boudet, who commands the CNMT (France) division.

“We will show our unity, our strength and our determination.

We are very happy to see so many soldiers returning to their old country.”

The parade will start in the capital of Vich, Saigon, and continue for three days until the parade reaches the northern part of the city of Vientiane.

The main event of the week is the opening of the National Museum, where many French and Viet Cong war relics and photos of soldiers are displayed.

This was a key goal of the war effort.

The war, which started in October 1972, ended in 1975 with the signing of a peace agreement.

After the war ended, the National Army was disbanded and all French and Vietnam servicemen were transferred to a special military training center in France.

Many French soldiers returned to the North, while others were sent to Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese troops remained in France and were later deployed in Europe.

During the war, some 1.5 million French and 1.3 million Viet Cong were killed.

This year, the Paris and Vientnien war museums will hold a commemoration for the soldiers.