article Google is still paying the former Cornell University basketball player, whose death last month sparked a national debate about police brutality and racial disparities, his family and friends have said.

Cornell died after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest in his Manhattan apartment.

His death sparked nationwide protests, including a visit by President Donald Trump, who issued a statement calling Cornell’s death “a terrible tragedy.”

His family said the case should be reopened, but that it’s not.

They said Cornell’s cause of death was not a heart attack, and that there was nothing suspicious about his death.

Cornell’s father, Robert, who died in April, said he’s “100 percent confident” the death was an accident and that Cornell died from a heart condition.

“He was never a bad person,” Robert Cornell said in a phone interview from his home in San Francisco.

“But the fact is, it wasn’t just a heart ailment.

There were other things that contributed to his death.”

The father said the family is hoping the new investigation will find out more about Cornell’s final hours.

“If there’s a lot of other stuff that may be there, then we’d like to know about it,” Robert said.

“We’re hopeful that it’ll lead to something positive, but we just don’t know.”

Robert Cornell’s daughter, Brittany Cornell, has written a book about the case, “Calls to Action,” about the ongoing debate about the policing of police in the U.S. and how it has contributed to racial disparities.

Brittany Cornell also said the new report should be released to help the public understand how police officers treat people of color.

“It’s time for the nation to finally stop ignoring the death and racism of our brother, brother-in-law and cousin Chris Cornell,” Brittany Cornell said.

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