The upcoming Xbox 1S is the best-looking console to date, but there’s a catch.

You need a special adapter to get it to work.

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We’re launching the Xbox One at 12:01am EST today and Microsoft will give a full review of the system in its entirety on Friday.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Xbox 1s hardware compares to the Xbox Ones, as it will be the first console to run a full version of Microsoft’s new gaming platform.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything about the Xbox S or its new console yet, but we’ve heard some juicy details, including that it’s a bigger console than the Xbox 360.

Its new design and more powerful processor should help the console compete against Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and Nvidia’s Titan X, but Microsoft has yet to make a clear case for which is better.

Microsoft is aiming to make the Xbox console the most powerful gaming console on the planet, which could explain why the company isn’t giving a clear answer about which is the better gaming platform right now.

If you’re looking for a full, in-depth look at the Xbox Scorpio, we’ve got a full article with all the info you need.