A few months ago, Apple Music was in a bit of a mess, struggling to stay afloat after Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly said he’d been forced to sell the company.

Cook’s statements about the platform and the acquisition of Rdio, which is a competitor to Apple Music, sparked a massive backlash.

With Cook now claiming that Apple is going to get back to basics, it appears that Apple Music may be in a better place.

Apple Music is currently listed on Apple’s stock exchange and it appears as though the company is making good on Cook’s promise to bring it back to life.

In the meantime, Apple has been quietly adding new music services to its catalog, and a few have even launched their own services.

One of the new additions to the company’s catalog is Dancehall, which has a new lineup of artists that includes some of the biggest names in dancehall music.

According to the music industry news site iDigitalTimes, Dancehall will debut on Apple Music this weekend and the company has confirmed that it’s going to be available on both iOS and Mac.

Apple Music has been getting a lot of attention recently thanks to Cook’s comments and the fact that he said he wanted to bring the service back to its roots.

While it may be more of a traditional music subscription service, Apple is still the dominant player in the industry and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.