Turkey’s news media has largely been silent over the arrest of several prominent Turkish journalists over their social media activities, but Turkey’s state-run news agency has published some of their tweets in the past few days.

The tweets, published in English by the agency’s English-language English-edition newspaper Dicle, have included an image of a journalist holding up a photo of a woman who is wearing an “Allah” cap, a reference to Islamic State.

The hashtag #Yaşanleri istaytım, which translates as “the girl in the cap,” is one of the trending topics in Turkey, where the government is cracking down on the country’s media.

Turkish media have been reporting that the arrests were made as part of the countrys crackdown on suspected foreign supporters of Kurdish separatists, who Ankara blames for the August 15 coup attempt.

Dicle’s tweets come after the news agency said in January that it was launching a social media campaign called “Love Turkey” that will use hashtags such as “#loveturkey” and “#Turkey.”

The campaign aims to spread awareness of the rights and freedoms of Turkish citizens and the freedoms of media, including the rights of media freedom,” the newspaper said in its January statement.

The “Love Turk” campaign is being promoted by Dicle’s Twitter account and its website.

Dicle has not yet commented on the tweets.