After his music video for “I Love The Way You Move” hit the internet, Aziz came out with a new video for the song, which was created by the production company Arco Entertainment, and featured him singing along to the song while dancing in the background.

The video was created to show that Aziz is “a human being who wants to be a good person.”

The video has been watched over 12 million times on YouTube and over 8 million views on YouTube Live, and has been viewed more than 100 million times.

The song has also been streamed more than 2 million times, which is quite impressive considering that it only went up to the top 10 on YouTube during its first week of release.

In the video, Azis character is shown standing in a dark room in a darkened room, with a camera on his face.

He is wearing an outfit consisting of a black and white shirt with a white shirt underneath and a white skirt with a red trim and red straps.

A black jacket covers his shoulders, as well as a black belt and red belt buckle.

Aziz’s character has a short beard, and is seen wearing a red belt.

He wears a black jacket over his white shirt and black pants.

The scene has a slight difference from the original version.

In that version, Azises character stands in a room with no camera and his hair is longer, and he wears a darker shirt and a lighter skirt.

The color of his shirt is darker.

In Azizs new version, the character’s hair is shorter and his shirt has a red stripe across it.

He also wears a white hat, with black shoes, and wears a red bandanna around his neck.

In this version, he also wears black boots, a white t-shirt, and black shoes.

There is a black bandanna over his left eye.

Azis has been a popular YouTube star since 2012, when he was only 15 years old.

He has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube, and currently has more videos up than 15 million views.

The music video was released on July 30, 2017, just days before the launch of his new single, “Fashion.”