On February 13, 2019, Microsoft and Sony announced that Xbox One would be available in a select number of markets around the world.

Xbox One was launched in October 2018.

PS4 was launched later in October.

Both platforms were launched at the same time and both have similar hardware specifications.

Both are aimed at gaming, and both are expected to launch sometime in the next two years.

However, Microsoft’s console will be more powerful than its rival, with a higher resolution, 4K resolution, and support for HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Microsoft also announced that PS4 will support 4K gaming and HDR support on its Blu-ray Disc players.

As for Xbox One, it is expected to come with an upgraded version of its operating system, Windows 10, which is currently supported by Microsoft’s current-gen consoles.

Sony has also announced plans to release PS4 Pro hardware, with the Xbox One Pro.

While both platforms will be available sometime in 2019, we do not expect them to compete directly with each other in terms of price.

XboxOne Pro will cost $1,499, while PS4 owners will be able to get the console for $399.

In the meantime, there is a good chance that one of the two consoles will be launching with a free upgrade, as Microsoft has promised to do.

Sony also announced the availability of PlayStation Now, a streaming service that lets you stream your favorite PS4 games, movies, and TV shows to your TV.

PS Now also supports HDR (HDR) content, which means you can watch Netflix on PS4 and HBO Go on PS3.

PS Plus is a free monthly subscription service that allows subscribers to access over 200 PlayStation apps and services, including games, games consoles, PlayStation Store, and more.

However the service will not come to the PS4.

It is not clear when, or if, PS Plus will arrive on PS Plus-equipped consoles.

The PS4 is expected not to have any physical buttons.