Posted October 24, 2018 03:24:13Netflix announced the release of its first year of originals on Thursday, and the company is making some changes to the way it presents its content.

Netflix is changing the way its original shows are presented on the service, allowing for a more curated experience for fans to discover new shows and binge-watch the best of them.

The company says it’s also adding a new feature to its service called “Top Lists,” which will offer a new look at popular shows on a given day based on your binge-watching habits.

Netflix will also be introducing a new “Top Picks” feature that will show you new streaming shows and movies that are up your alley.

But for now, it’s all about the shows you want to binge-stream.

Netflix’s original content lineup has been steadily growing over the past year.

The streaming service is currently available in 25 countries, with more planned for the coming months.

Netflix has announced that it will debut two new original series in 2017: “Bubble” and “Till It Happens to You.”

The latter series, written by Michael Green and directed by Rob Corddry, tells the story of a teenage boy and his parents who get caught up in a high school drama.

The story was picked up by Netflix and Hulu in May and will debut on the streaming service in the coming weeks.

“Tampons,” from writer-director Mike Flanagan and directed for the first time by Justin Lin, is a look at a man who lives in his own reality and struggles to reconcile the two.

Netflix also plans to debut the “Rescue Me” series, which follows a young girl who is abandoned by her parents and forced to live with her step-brother.

Netflix also announced that the first of three new original comedies will debut in 2017.

“Love and Mercy” is about a woman whose father is murdered by a group of bullies.

Netflix’s other new series, “Mudbound,” is set in the world of the internet and stars Ryan Phillippe.

The show will premiere on Netflix in the second half of this year.

Netflix said that it’s going to introduce a new original original comedy series in 2018 called “The Best of All Time,” which stars Ryan Reynolds.

It will debut exclusively on Netflix on November 1.

Netflix has also launched a series of original series based on its movies, including “The Boondocks,” which centers on a teenage punk and his best friend.

Netflix released the first two seasons of “The Last Tycoon” in December and “The World of Tomorrow” in January.

Netflix is also adding two new series to its original lineup this year: “The Crown,” starring Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda, and “American Crime Story: The Trial,” starring Matt Damon.

Netflix previously announced that “The Trial” would be the first original series on Netflix to premiere exclusively on the platform in the first quarter of 2019.

Netflix announced that a new series of short documentaries will debut sometime in 2018.

The first of these, titled “The Great British Film of 2015,” is about the rise of the British independent film industry.

Netflix recently announced that its next documentary, “Black Swan,” will premiere exclusively in 2019.

“The Punisher,” directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, will debut next month.

Netflix recently announced its first new series in the next year: a series about a man and his family who travel back in time to save a woman.

Netflix said it will premiere “The Return” in the third quarter of 2020.

Netflix added “The Handmaid’s Tale” to its streaming lineup in December, just weeks after it premiered.

It is the first new original TV series to premiere on the video-on-demand service in 20 years.