By now, it’s almost a given that the most important movie of 2018 will be ‘The Dark Tower,’ a sci-fi epic that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately.

However, it might not be the most recent movie in a long line of great sci-fantasy movies.

Here are five films that are worthy of your attention.1.

‘The Expanse’The Expender is a science fiction film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the main character, James Holden.

The film is set in a dystopian future where humanity has been overrun by the sentient super-beings known as ‘Epsilon.’

This alien race has a human colony on Mars, and has been living there for thousands of years.

When a large, mysterious outbreak occurs, Holden is recruited by his friends to help the colony.

As the film progresses, the story becomes more and more dark, as we see more of Holden’s past, and the ways in which the alien species are manipulating him.2.

‘Blade Runner 2049’The iconic ‘Blade Runners’ franchise was created by Denis Villeneuve, who is best known for directing the first ‘Blade’ film.

In this dystopian sci-Fi film, a team of replicants is forced to take up residence in an abandoned military facility on Mars.

As they continue to operate on the base, they discover that the facility is infected with an advanced virus that has taken over humans, and is slowly killing them.

The team is forced, in the end, to abandon the base and return to Earth, only to find themselves in the clutches of the Replicants.

In a post-apocalyptic world, replicant survival is a major concern.


‘Machete Kills’This is the story of a man named Mark, who comes across a beautiful, young girl named Shana.

After a night spent on a remote island, he learns that she has been kidnapped by a group of people called ‘The Wolves,’ who want to sell her into slavery.

They are after her body, so they will pay for it, and kill her.

It’s a story of the human condition, of how humans are forced to fight for their survival, and how the consequences can be devastating.


‘Elysium’A dark, sci–fi thriller that follows a man who is sent to Earth after he has killed his wife, and then the daughter he was expecting.

When the man’s wife is killed, he returns to his home world and begins to unravel the mysteries of his past.

He eventually decides to leave Earth and live on his own, but as he does so, he meets his wife’s murderer, and they must work together to save their daughter from her captors.


‘Logan Lucky’Logan, a small-town boy who is obsessed with finding out who killed his parents, finds himself framed for the murder of a local man.

After he tries to kill the man, Logan’s father tells him he has to take him back to the police station, but Logan refuses.

Instead, he goes on to kill his mother.

He is arrested and sent to prison, but he is freed by a fellow inmate named Mr. Lucky, who teaches him how to use a chainsaw.

Logan becomes the new sheriff of the town.