If you’ve been waiting for Apple to finally release a new TV, then you’re in luck.

Apple just launched the $399 Apple TV 4K, which is designed to take the best aspects of its flagship model and add a few more features that are designed to give the new TV a better overall look and feel.

It’s also built on top of the same software that powers the current TV models.

Apple has been pushing the new model, which launches next week, since March, and we’ve seen many early reviews of the new product that show a very positive reception.

The new TV is not designed for just people who are into streaming content on the go.

It features a built-in tuner for Apple TV that lets you stream music from Apple Music, Apple Music Premium, Spotify and other streaming services.

Apple also included in the 4K version of the Apple TV are several new features that could help bring more people to the company’s services.

For example, if you want to watch movies with Apple Music in a TV or a Mac, the 4k version of Apple TV will show you the movie’s trailer in a larger version of your living room.

That way you can sit back and watch without scrolling back to your favorite movie to rewind.

If you want more of a TV experience, you can turn off the audio track entirely, which gives you the best view of your favorite TV shows in a smaller screen.

The new Apple TV comes with a built in remote control for remote control over Apple TV, so you can easily switch between the TV and Apple TV apps without having to use a remote.

The remote also includes a button that you can push to change the channel of the streaming video service.

Apple also included a feature called Smart Search that allows you to search for your favorite shows from any of the service’s catalogs.

It was designed to help Apple fans get more personalized shows that will be more relevant to them.

If you want the latest Apple TV news, you should check out Apple’s news feed.

If Apple TV is your favorite streaming TV and you want a little more flexibility to use your TV, you might want to check out this new set of new streaming services that you should try.