A bunch of articles in the New York Times and Washington Post this week that have nothing to do with the real world or the way things are actually going have you thinking about what happens when you’re reading the media.

You know the ones, like this one: “Newly released emails show how a U.S. diplomat, who has since been reassigned to the Pentagon, helped orchestrate a CIA coup in Turkey and used intelligence to help push a military coup in Syria.”

That’s a really bad idea.

“The emails, obtained by The Associated Press, show a State Department official working with the CIA to orchestrate an attack on Turkey and a U,S.

military coup against the government of Syria.

The State Department has refused to provide any further details about the emails, but one State Department email released by WikiLeaks shows that an official asked an aide to draft a plan to use “black ops” tactics against Turkey and other Arab countries that opposed the coup.

It’s all about the CIA.

The email from the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and the Central Intelligence Agency is dated April 17, 2016.

It has been sent to an aide in the Pentagon’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The official who wrote it, David Albright, has since left the State Dept.

The emails also reveal that the CIA helped push a U-turn in the Syria crisis.

They show Albright helping the Turkish government to convince the U.K. and Saudi Arabia to back down and to support a cease-fire with Syria, even as it backed off from military action in March.

Albright also pushed for an “internal dialogue” to end the conflict, even though he and the Turkish prime minister had previously told the White House they didn’t want a U.-backed war in Syria.

The emails show Albrooks efforts to influence events, and to help set up an outside intelligence team, including a top CIA official.

The ambassador also pushed to have U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres help create a cease fire.

And the U,N.

envoy in Turkey was also encouraged to try to reach a cease the coup, according to the emails.

Why do these stories matter?

The real news here is the CIA has been doing this kind of stuff for decades, and there’s no reason to think the Obama administration isn’t aware of it.

So what does this mean?

It means that Obama is either a total moron or a total crook.

Either way, he’s done nothing to stop it.

He doesn’t have any coherent strategy for stopping the CIA coup.

He just has to lie to the American people.