We’re getting closer to seeing ‘Reeds’ and ‘American Roots’ return to Netflix.

A source close to the project tells Variety that the new series will be called “Redskin,” and will be a “first-look” version of the original TV series, which is currently in production.

The source says that the series will also feature a cast that includes Aaron Paul, who will star as former NFL player and current Redskins player DeAngelo Hall.

Paul will play former Washington Redskins quarterback Tom Brady, and he’ll be joined by other notable Redskins players like Joe Theismann, who played the role of Redskins owner Dan Snyder in “The New World.”

“Reeds” will be filmed in Philadelphia, where the series has already been filmed, and will debut in early 2018.

“Reed” is produced by John Davis Entertainment, which has also worked on “Empire,” “Pitch Perfect 2,” “Dynasty” and “Glee.”

The source also says that “Roses” is expected to premiere in 2019.

“American Roots” is a spinoff of the same show that debuted in 2011, but was picked up by Netflix in 2018.